Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I've been to Hy-Vee, County Market and Schnucks. So far Schnucks on Iles Ave has the biggest navel oranges.

Today I head out to Aldi's. I heard they were owned by a German company and lately I heard they were part of Trader Joe's.

When they were on Wabash their generic brands were much better quality than other store brands and famous brands,

Online yesterday I read they are also having an employment workshop on 12/12/2016 from 0700-1900.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hunt For a Used Car

Today I go looking for a used car. I found three dealers using the map and the Autotrader website.

  • D's at 111 North Dirksen Pkwy.
  • Parkway Motors at 602 Dirksen Pkwy
  • Bob Ridings Ford in Taylorville

I may be posting on Twitter and may be updating this blog with new information later.


Update: I found a Toyta Yaris at D's which was great but it was a tight fit and the rear view mirror was too low for me, I could see over it, but Bob Ridings in Taylorville had a Ford Fiesta that was just right. Everyone was very helpful.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hello again Springfield!

I guess one can never leave. After a four year hiatus in Seattle it just got too expensive, and despite being so close to the ocean the pollution is still bad. Plus my family wanted me home again. That was my midlife crisis, I think.

Some things have changed. I discovered Mimosa on Wabash which was pretty good. I reviewed it on Yelp. I'll post the link  to my Yelp in a more permanent spot on the blog later.

I'm looking around for stuff I need so I added some page tabs with maps here. Maybe you'll find it useful.